Most Effective Jewelry Care Tips


We've all got that one piece of jewelry that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives. This piece of jewelry has a special place in your heart, from the moment you first saw it in the store to the moment you put it on and made it yours.

But over time, all fine jewelry begins to lose its shine. Silver and other metals will eventually tarnish without proper care.

Daily jewelry cleaning and jewelry maintenance best practices can increase the lifespan of your jewelry and keep it looking pretty good for many years.

Here are some jewelry care tips and tricks to help you keep your fine jewelry looking as good as new.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space

Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined container with sections and dividers to keep it organized. If you don't have a jewelry container, wrap each piece using soft tissue or paper before putting it in a drawer. Scratching and tangling will be avoided. To keep sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing, invest in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth.

Remove Jewelry During Tasks 

When performing any kind of tasks where you might potentially be exposed to scratches, chemicals, or cleaning fluids, make sure your jewelry is out of sight. (Remember to remove your jewelry before applying your fragrances too)

Don't Put on Your Jewelry During Bath

Pools contain chlorinated water which can react with the material, causing a change of color. Water and soap itself can cause the same effect when the jewelry is constantly exposed to these conditions.

Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix 

Hard hits can result in damage to the jewelry, especially the clasp of the chain if hit directly. Most importantly, jewelry can cause injury to other players, please remove your jewelry prior to playing.

Inspect Your Jewelry and Wipe When Necessary 

We recommend for your jewelry to be inspected and wiped down with a clean microfiber cloth whenever signs of dirt/fingerprints build up on it. Not only does this keep your jewelry clean for a longer lifetime, but it also keeps it shining and looking great.

Store Your Jewelry, Keep Them Dry 

Your jewelry should be kept absolutely dry, preferably in the provided dust bag provided when it is not being worn.


 All jewelry can eventually tarnish, but your best defense is to be vigilant and properly care for your items. At EngravedGiftsly, we recommend that you give your gold or silver jewelry a quick clean at the end of the day, using a soft cleaning cloth, to remove any fingerprints or oils that may have accumulated from normal wear. And once a week, we recommend a more deep clean — use a simply mix of 1/2 cup warm water with a few squirts of mild liquid soap, and let your jewelry soak for three minutes. Then remove your items, rinse with clean water, and allow the jewelry to dry. That’s it!

Sterling silver jewelry deserves extra special care, so for these precious items we recommend a silver polish. You can purchase a quality silver cream at most jewelry stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.

Your personalized jewelry commemorates your most special moments in life, so treat it with care and it will last you a lifetime.