moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant
moissanite custom pendant

S925 Custom Made Photo Rotating Double-Sided Medallion-GRA Certificated Moissanite Diamond

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Crafting your precious moment on our Moissanite Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry where your desire meets to a new style.Our Brand New S925 Custom Made Photo Rotating Double-Sided Medallions Moissanite Diamond is lavish but perfectly expose your style sensation.

Our Exclusive Moissanite Diamond Exclusively made for you, it will reflect upon you with any kind of attire.

Specialties of Our Moissanites Diamond Necklace

➤ Moissanites are considered one of the top diamond alternatives 
➤ Made of pure silicon carbide an extremely rare, naturally occurring mineral.
➤ These stones are almost as hard as natural diamonds (moissanite’s hardness is 9.5 on the Mohs scale, whereas diamonds are 10).
➤ Moissanite stones can even pass some diamond testers.
➤ One Of The Best Gemstones.
➤ Moissanite is ethically sourced, conflict-free, and ecologically friendly


➤ Personalized photo memory medallions solid pendant
➤ Moissanite Gemstone + Golden Chain
➤ Our Moissanite Diamond Necklace is GRA Certified Pass Diamond Tested
➤ Made out of heavy solid
➤ A higher light refraction rate than any other diamond
➤ Thick and high-quality feeling, with a full solid back



Brand: EngravedGiftsly
Color: Gold ,Silver, Rose Gold
Material: S925
Gemstone: Moissanite
Shape: Round WIth Rotate Option
Pendant Size: 61.7 mm/ 44.7 mm
Weight: 26.42g
Chain Type: Tennis Chain
Chain Length: 17,18, 20, 22 Inch

Are You Confused About Perfect Chain Size For You? Get A Complete Guideline From Our Necklace Chain Sizing Step-by-Step Guide: Click Here 


➤ An Exclusive Pack With Lighting Gift Box
➤ S925 Custom Photo Moissanite Diamond Pendant
➤ Your Preferable Chain
➤ Diamond Pass Tested GRA  Certificate


Q. What does S925 mean?
➤ S925 means that the raw material of the product is 92.5% of sterling silver plus 7.5% of the alloy. s925 sterling silver is more sturdy than pure silver and thus becomes the perfect metal material to produce accessories with its approved gloss and strength.

Q. Is that fully customized?

➤ Yes, it is! With preferable color, picture, and chain length this stunning necklace is customizable.

Q. If I order this now can I get it before Christmas?
➤ If You place your order soon, we will ship it out ASAP. If everything goes well, it can be delivered before Christmas.

Q. Does the chain fade or tarnish?
➤ No, it will be completely ok. But make sure you care about your jewelry properly.

Q. Can I Purchase this one for my Mom?
➤ Yes! it's a unisex collection from our demanding products. Anyone (your mom, dad, sibling, cousin, grandparents, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, and others) can use this one easily.

Q. How long is the shipping?
➤ Standard Shipping:10-25 days, specific time look area
Expedited shipping:3-5days. 


Gift Ideas


✔️Best Friend
✔️Best Teacher



✔️Wedding Gift
✔️Anniversary Gift
✔️Valentine Gift
✔️Birthday Gift
✔️Mother's Day Gift
✔️Father's Day Gift
✔️Friendship Day Gift
✔️Special Day Gift
✔️2nd Anniversary Gift
✔️Christmas Gift
✔️Thanksgiving Gift
✔️New Year's Gift
✔️Graduation Gift 

 Tips During Using Moissanite Jewelry:

➤ Avoid Harmful Chemicals
➤ Never Store Moissanite with Other Jewelry
➤ Clean your fine jewelry professionally once per year
➤ Use the correct jewelry cleaner for gemstone

Engraved Giftsly Is Always Ensure Quality Product With Best Service

5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Leta Beatty

The seller is awesome and their products are exactly as described, great communication from the seller and responds in a timely manner! this is my 6th time ordering from them! Highly recommended!!!!!

Idella Williamson

It's big size and beautiful. My niece loved it! Will be ordering more. The communication with saler was great every step of the way.

Mathew Barton

Got this for my daughter. It is a bit larger than thought but it is great quality and I loved having the photos done and placed inside so I didn’t have to do it. It also came with a few spare photos, sized and shaped to replace the ones inside if lost. Worth the buy!

Kitty Kerluke

It’s As Beautiful As My Angel . I Love It So So Much Thank You Again I Will Most Definitely Be Back

Frank Okuneva

The necklace arrived nice and safe. It was packaged really good as well and came in about 2 weeks, so pretty fast. It’s so sparkly and the seller put the right pictures on both sides of the pendant. Thank you seller!