Personalized Engraved Silicone Dog Collar With Name Plate

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Personalized Engraved Silicone Dog Collar With Name Plate

Regular price €26,95

 Elegant Dog Collars Pet ID 

Create a unique Tags As Your pet. As a pet owner, you know that every dog ​​and cat is unique. You also want your pet's ID tag to be unique. When you order one of these engraved Collar tag ID for your pet, you will have the option to personalize your ID Tag. These customized puppy ID tags are designed to secure your cat or dog's collar. Whether you choose a small, Medium or Large size, those tags have room for 4 Lines of textual content on it, so that you can consist of all of the information to make sure your pet gets home safely.

“Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts”

Product Feature:

  • Engraved Name Plates.

  • Engraved 4 Lines of textual content.

Personalized Engraved Silicone Dog Collar With Name Plate

Persons Whom We Can Gift For Their Pets:

➡Best friend    ➡Sister       ➡Daughter  ➡grandson

➡Dad               ➡Brother    ➡Boy            ➡Girl  

➡Mom             ➡Son          ➡granddaughter        

Occasions :

  • Birthday Gift of furry friend / four-legged friends. 
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter Sunday
  • Secret Santa Gifts For The Pet Lovers
  • All The Holidays In Between.

Perfect Gift For:

💖 puppy's 1st Christmas.
💖 Express love for your pet.
💖 Best gift for pet lover.
💖 Christmas gift for pet groomer.
Personalized Engraved Silicone Dog Collar With Name Plate



  • Brand: Engraved Giftsly
  • Pendant Size: Small, Medium & Large size
  • Surface: Hand Polished Smooth
  • Metal: Silica gel
  • Style: Pet Collar Ring
  • Shape: Plate 


Personalized Engraved Silicone Dog Collar With Name Plate

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Engraved Giftsly is always close to people's hearts.



1. Is that fully customized?
Ans: Yes, it is! With preferable color, picture, and chain length this stunning necklace is customizable.

2. Is that perfect with all types of outfits?
Ans: absolutely!! with any outfit, you can carry this one.

3. How many I can order in one purchase?
Ans: as many as you want.

4. Is it presentable at Christmas or Other Occasion?
Ans:  This one is undoubtedly suitable for any Occasion gift. Additionally, anyone can pair up this loving necklace on weddings, birthday occasions, parties, or dates, and any other special occasion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kenyatta Botsford

Thank you! The goods are executed qualitatively, I order regularly, the engraving is done, as in the picture and in accordance with the wish. Well done! Seller and recommend!

Mittie Dach

The product is high quality. It really looks like it came from a jewelry store. I would highly recommend it.

Stephania Schuppe

Super-good quality, good price, timely delivery. I’m very pleased with the purchase. 100% satisfied. Definitely recommend.

Alejandra Howe

Very happy with this purchase! Wonderful price and well-made tag! Thanks so much! OH... FAST SHIPPING TOO!

Hellen Rosenbaum

Super Fast Delivery and Absolutely Beautiful
Thick & Sturdy.
Highly Recommend.

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